Meet the Author

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- Bill Sharkey, Author -

Bill Sharkey has been actively working with children of various ages for over forty  years. His professional training is in the field of music education for grades one through twelve.  He was a high school and middle school music teacher for seven years before moving to elementary school.  His  teaching experience included teaching overseas in the U.S.  military schools in the Philippines and Germany.


After his 34 years of public school experience, he wrote and taught the music program for a pre school program in the area for another five years. In addition to public and private school work, he also  taught music for fifteen years at a VBS summer program at his local church, for young children.


Bill has written, published and performed works for elementary school band and orchestra students and has been a performer as well. He continues to perform on piano as well as other instruments.


During all of this time, he owned and operated several businesses that involved children . He was a children's party entertainer for fifteen years and then opened a two week  summer music camp for middle school and elementary school students. Between these projects, he was a summer music camp counselor and instructor for his local school system.  All of this experience working with children of all ages has given him an insight into the minds of children.


His recent experience with his three year old grand daughter has led him to this first book, “Can You Put Diapers On A Goose”?  While walking together in the California desert, they spied some geese along the way. There was goose poop everywhere and they had to walk around it. The idea of diapers on a goose came about at this time.


In this book, the author asks a question to the young child about animals wearing diapers. The picture book is full of vivid colors, various animals and a big question at the end. The question is answered at the end of the book.


The book is perfect for ages two and up as well as a beginner reading book for early elementary school ages. The questions in the book encourage the young child to think about the story and then communicate his/her thoughts about the story.  The next animal story book is in the works, so keep checking my web site for updates.  Thanks for visiting this page and happy reading!